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Occasionally a character from some tv show, movie, book, etc. will capture my imagination. Usually because they're so interesting and complex or they're really funny or really tragic or just something about them really stands out. Currently, said obsession is Topher Brink from Dollhouse.

I've found a few You Tube vids other folks have made that capture why I am currently obsessed with this awesome character.

These show how awesomely funny Topher is throughout the show:

These show how tragic he becomes:

and this one is clips set to music that makes me cry (Spoilers for the series finale in this one):

Dollhouse shouldn't have ended after only two seasons. :(

Random Thursday Stuff

So, today I had a flat tire. It was a nail that did it, and did it good too. Went all the way through the sidewall apparently, so the Discount Tire & Brake place - who will fix flats for free if they're not too complicated - couldn't fix it. So, I'm driving on my donut until the fifteenth, when I get paid and can afford to get a new tire.

Funny thing is, I didn't even know that I HAD a spare tire! Amanda E. had to go out to my car with me and show me where it was hidden in the trunk. Apparently, all cars have spare tires hidden there! I didn't know. Never had need of one before and the dealer I got the Hyundai from didn't tell me it was in there. Heck, I didn't even know the car had an alarm until I accidentally set it off one time.

I totally warned the tire guy about that too. Though I debated for a moment letting him find out the hard way. But, that would have been mean and there's no need to develop bad karma on top of everything else. So, I let him know to be sure to unlock the car with the button, not the key.

Later today I have to head home for a little while. My landlady is bringing another electrician to the apartment to take a look at the wiring and give her a final estimate of how much work needs to be done and how much it will cost. She said she'd be calling me sometime between one and three to let me know to head home. Hopefully, it won't take too long once I'm there.

I'm wondering though if I ought to just take my computer home and finish out the workday at home. I think it will depend on when she calls. Closer to one, I'll just leave my laptop here and come back, closer to three, I'll take it home and finish the day at home. In the middle... well, I'll prolly still take it home. LOL

I looked at the box the birthday cake came in and it came from Ed's Custom Bakery in Conway, AR. I highly recommend that place. They use REAL frosting, not that fake-air-bubble-whipped crap a lot of cake places try to pass off as frosting. I might have another piece later today!

I'm trying to remember when Kelly gave me Squeakers. It's getting close to a year now, I think. How long to guinea pigs live? He was full grown when I got him - maybe not quite as fat, LOL, though I've been trying to cut back on the amount of snacks I give him and sticking to the proper amount of food. A fat guinea pig is no healthier than a fat person!

Anyway, according to Google, they live about five years. I thought it was more like three! So, yay! Course, I have no idea how old he was when I got him but I think I prolly have another year or two at least. Cool beans.


I had to look something up for Jeff in my Livejournal over the holiday and it reminded me that I haven't been updating it at all lately. Or the Facebook notes, or my website's blog. I've been a sucky blogger! LOL

So, obviously I didn't wind up finishing Nano this year either. I got a little over 32,000 words, which is the highest amount I've managed yet. So, yay improvement! LOL I'm gonna go back over what I've written and clean it up – make it not suck as much as it likely does currently – and then keep working on it. I like the story, I wanna finish it.

On a completely unrelated note, I'm waffling over whether to get the swine flu shot. Not cause I'm one of those wierdos who thinks the shot is dangerous or that there's some kind of crazy conspiracy in the works or something, of course. I just haven't had any sort of flu since my second semester in college about twelve years ago so I kinda don't figure I'll get this one either. Of course, that is also part of why I'm actually considering it. After all these years, it would be the swine flu that I get. Plus, I've made so much fun of the swine flu that I can practically SEE ol Murphy rubbing his hands together in malicious glee.

Then, back in the 'nah' category, there's the fact that I'm in none of the 'danger' categories. I'm not very young or very old. I'm not pregnant or likely to become pregnant. I don't have some other debilitating disease. I don't work with kids or old people (unless you count Dewitt). If I did get the swine flu all that would happen is that I'd be a little miserable for a while. So, why take a shot away from someone who might actually need it?

I dunno.

Poultry Plans

I've got a whole mess of chicken in my freezer which I'm going to be cooking tomorrow in preparation for making chicken soup and chicken salad. I've made chicken salad before (and it is AWESOME) but this will be my first foray into the chicken soup arena.

My plan for the soup is thus:

First, I will be boiling all the chicken in a 50/50 mix of water and chicken broth along with green onion (cause I love it in everything), celery, garlic, rosemary, sage, salt and pepper. Then I'll take some of the chicken and set it aside for the chicken salad. The rest I will tear into shreds (shreds are more fun than chunks) and put back in the broth. I'll chop up the veggies (I'm thinking: carrots, broccoli, celery, and maybe peas) and some noodles (or maybe rice?) set it all back to boiling, until the veggies and noodles/rice are cooked. I'll add a tiny bit of flour to the broth to thicken it a little and a couple of chicken bouillon cubes and call it done.

My chicken salad recipe goes:

Chicken boiled as stated above and then torn into shreds (again, more fun than chunks!), mixed with miracle whip (tastes better than regular mayo!), salt, pepper, celery, cilantro, finely chopped up apple, chopped up nuts (usually either pecans or almonds, depending on my mood), and sometimes peas.

The chicken soup I will be eating myself, the chicken salad, I'm taking on the picnic Saturday along with a box of club crackers to share and enjoy.

Lunchtime Thoughts

I really enjoy doing things by myself sometimes. This doesn't make me a recluse or friendless or whatever. It makes me comfortable with myself.

When I tell people that I went to Crystal Falls alone, they get this look on their face like I've just suggested operating on my own tonsils or something. Or they make this"poor thing" noise. Same when I say I've done anything else solo. It's like the idea of doing anything alone just equals 'unhappy loser with no friends' in their heads. Which is silly. I'm certainly not unhappy. I don't consider myself a loser. I've got plenty of friends.

I just don't NEED my friends to have a good time. Which isn't to say that I don't have a good time in group activiites either. What I mean is, if I want to do something, and no one else is available, I'm perfectly content to do it solo. I'm not going to let the fact that I can't find anyone who's not busy or doesn't have other plans or just plain isn't interested keep me from doing something I want to do. I don't understand why anyone would.

I've heard people complain, "I want to go to the movies." When I suggest they go, they then reply, "But so-and-so doesn't want to go." or "All my friends are busy."

Go alone! The movie really is just as good (or bad) either way.

I think there's something wrong with the idea that you can't have fun alone. That doing things alone is boring or even lonely. I think that people need to realize that it's ok to enjoy themselves. I don't just mean in the general sense of 'having fun.' But actually enjoying being by themselves. Liking who they are enough that they don't feel lost when they don't have anyone to hang out with. I think people who NEED to have other people around to enjoy things have more of a problem than the person who doesn't.

I'm not advocating shunning society and embracing complete hermitness, of course. But letting the fact that you can't scrounge anyone up to join you hold you back from doing something you want to do is just silly.
I just finished reading "A Short History of Nearly Everything" by Bill Bryson. I really, really enjoyed it and recommend it. It's over 400 pages long (with another hundred or so of notes and bibliography and index and so on) and it covers just about all the major scientific discoveries and knowledge that we've gained about the universe, the world, life, etc.

But, and this is the best part, the book doesn't just spout the facts like some boring text book. The book shares not just the discoveries but also HOW those discoveries were made. Who made them, who claimed to have made them, and the crazy antics in between. Scientists are, it seems, a genuinely crazy bunch of folks! Daytime soaps couldn't come up with some of the intrigues and rivalries described in this book by people on their way to discovering how the universe works.

So, if you've ever wondered,"How does that work?" "How did they come up with that idea?" "Who figured that out?" and so on, this book is for you. Also, if you just enjoy learning stuff, this book is for you. The way the author explains the facts is frankly entertaining. It was one of the most fun educational books I've ever read.

Rambling Thoughts

I just got home from watching My Sister’s Keeper. It made me cry just as much as I figured it would! LOL Great movie. I can’t wait to read the book. I’ve heard it’s even better. But that’s usually the case, isn’t it? I can’t think of a sinle time it hasn’t been. I’m sure there must be an instance where the movie outshines the book, but I can’t think of one off hand. Hmm.

My allergies are acting up. I’ve had a mild sinus headache since I woke up this morning. Not awful. Not bad enough to interfere with anything just there. The crying I did actually helped with the stuffiness, believe it or not! Loosened things up or something.

Remember when I said I was gonna make the stirfry chicken with the zucchinis, bell peppers, mushrooms, green onions, rosemary, garlic, lemon pepper and salt? Well, I did and it was spectacular. I’m having some of the left overs for supper tonight. I’m a pretty good cook, if I do say so myself! (and I obviously just did!)

I’ve decided to start seriously getting back into art. I’ve doodled and drawn and painted off and on since I got out of college, but nothing serious. I’ve decided to change that. I’m going to really focus on it. Dedicate a few hours of every day to it. Try to produce at least one really good (or at least relatively unsucky) piece a week. I think I’m even going to try to sell the decent ones instead of just chucking em in a corner or losing em or tossing em by accident in an infrequent apartment clean up or giving em away to family members.

You know how some folks think the world is gonna end in 2012? Cause of the Mayan Calendar and other such things? Well, I think, if it is, then they way it’s going to end is going to be Yellowstone National Park. It’s this big ol crazy super volcano, you know. And it’s already like 30,000 or more years overdue (supposedly it has had a relatively regular 600,000 year cycle of cataclysmic eruptions but the last one was like 630,000 years ago). I don’t think it’ll ‘end the world’ but it will certainly end it as we know it. Apparently, a similar super volcano erupted in northern Sumatra like 74,000 years ago and knocked the world’s population of humans down to a few thousand individuals and it took 20,000 years for us to recover from it cause of the fallout from the volcano.

So, if Yellowstone goes, even if it doesn’t destroy the world, it’ll definitely hit the restart button on humanity’s domination of the planet! LOL

That or a meteor. We’re prolly due for one of them too.

I got to be a Kindle advocate today. At the movie, while waiting for it to start, I pulled out my Kindle and was reading. The lady next to me leaned over and asked if it was the Amazon.com device and I answered that it was. She asked to hold it and I let her and showed her a few of the features on it, even told her bout how I’d used it to find out the play-time for the move. She said she was thinking about getting one and I told her I highly recommend it and how much I really love mine. I wonder if she’ll wind up getting one?

That’s the second time I’ve gotten into random conversations with random people next to me at the movies in the last week. The first, was at the Transformers movie. I’d gotten there early (of course) but not early enough – only a half hour – to avoid being more than two hundred people back in the line. I did wind up sitting in a good spot (which for me is in the row right by the bars so I can put my feet up on them and lean back in the reclining seat). Wound up sitting next to a lady who drove from Texarkana to see the movie opening night on the IMAX. We got into a discussion on various movies we liked and how going to a movie on opening night is really fun BECAUSE of the crowd. Because of how when awesome things happen everyone cheers or gasps or cries or laughs or jumps all together. It’s an experience that kind of makes moviegoing more than just going to watch a movie.

My electric bill is going to be monsterous this summer, I can already tell. LOL

Saturday So Far

I went to class today for the first time in over three weeks with the intention of participating. The ankle held up pretty well. The only time it gave me issues was during the katas. Most especially when having to turn on the left heel. It REALLY didn't like that. So, I converted the move into a kind of funny foot shuffling turn instead. At the end of class it was a little more sore than it has been but not horribly so. I went home and elevated it with some ice for an hour and took some ibuprofen and it helped clear that mostly up.

Then, I went to Kroger where they're having their 4 day sale. Stocked up on almost an entire month's worth of groceries for only $88.00.

For supper tonight, I'm planning on making some chicken stir fry (chicken, green onions, red and green bell pepper, mushrooms, zucchini, rosemary, garlic, lemon pepper and salt) along with sliced potato and corn on the cob. That'll be good for about four nights worth of suppers. Gotta love leftovers!

Used Cars Mock Me

So, the car I just bought is in the shop.

I took it to the place across the street from me cause the check engine light came on and I noticed -something- leaking out of the bottom. Well, they put it up on the machine and found out that the catalytic converter is having some sort of issue. Which they couldn't fix, so I would need to take it to the Hyundai dealership on Col. Glenn.

Of course.

How does that place stay in business? This is the second car problem I've had (once with the Focus and now this one) and both times, they sent me to the dealership! LOL

Oh, and the leaking fluid wasn't anything. Just the water draining from the AC unit.

Anyway, it's there now. Happily, the extended warranty I bought should cover this and I don't even have a deductible. The most I might have to pay is the 'diagnostic fee' and I'm not sure but that might be covered too.

But, speaking of car issues, why do both the cars I buy have to go into the shop so soon? The focus did at least let me drive it a few weeks before it had to go in, this one only a few days. What the crap, yo?

Tammy said I should call the dealership and yell at them about it. And, if it weren't for the knowledge that my warranty is going to take care of it, I prolly would. It's just hard to work up a good froth over something that is mostly an inconvenience.

Though, I had a ticket to see the new Transformers movie at the IMAX for tonight that I won't get to go see. Not only cause I don't have a car to go in for a few days now, but also because the ticket is IN the car. I put it in the armrest so I wouldn't lose it. LOL As annoying as everything else is about this, having to miss that movie is actually the part that makes me the most mad. I was REALLY looking forward to it!


New Car...

So, I got all my stuff out of the focus finally. Including my work key so I'll be able to get into the office now when I need to. LOL

The insurance guy told me that my car is totaled (according to Arkansas law, if the repairs cost more than 75% of the blue book value, then it's a total loss - and apparently the two airbags deploying alone would cost about four grand to fix). I'm gonna get about $5,800 for it (5500 blue book value plus a bunch of other fees and taxes and so on).

Tomorrow is my last day with the rental. I've got to pick up my title from the Revenue place and give it to the Farm Bureau guy (and collect my $5,800 from him) tomorrow, then, soon as I can arrange a ride home, I'll be turning in the rental.

I need to find another decent used car that I can make some kind of good down payment on with $5,000. I'm gonna keep the $800.

In other news, I turned my ankle again (for those who don't know I sprained it while running, two days AFTER I had the wreck from which I only got a bruise on my hand. how's THAT for ironic?) in the gravel at the wrecker place while I was getting the stuff from the focus and I can feel it trying to swell back up again. Ugh. Stupid thing's never going to heal.

I may work from home again tomorrow and keep on doing it until I get a car. Or not. I dunno. Amanda Enis might not let me. I wish she would though. There's almost nothing can't do from home that I can do at the office. Heck, I'm actually MORE productive at home cause I don't have -someone- bugging me every five minutes. *coughcoughcough*

Oh, and the folks at the State Revenue offices are just the most helpful folks! I went to find out why I didn't get my title and found out it was some mix-up with the odometer and they helped me straighten it right up so I can get my title tomorrow instead of going through a bunch of BS. Maybe it was all the limping and leaning on crutches that inspired such great service! LOL

I faxed off my Aflac claim form today too, which is good. They say they process claims in three days so, hopefully I'll hear back from them early next week.